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World Refugee Day 20 June 2021

World Refugee Day 20 June 2021

World Refugee Day is observed on 20 June globally. It is a day to create awareness about the refugees who are scattered in different parts of the world because they have been trying to escape conflicts, water crisis, climate change and internal issues.

World Refugee Day comes at a time of a triple threat for Somalia – in addition to the COVID-19 pandemic, the country is dealing with effects of desert locusts and flooding. These have presented unprecedented challenges, yet we have seen remarkable resilience and contributions from displaced persons who are doing their part to make a difference,

In Somalia, refugees and displaced populations are particularly vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic due to the large number of people living in congested urban centres and settlements for internally displaced people (IDPs) in Baidoa SWS Somalia.

#Together with refugees.
#Together we heal,learn and shine.
#World refugee day.

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