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Two days training for Human Right Defenders in Somalia-Mugadisho

Two days training for Human Right Defenders in Somalia-Mugadisho

Two days training on Human rights promotion for     HRDs

Venue: Bureika Hotel, Mogadishu-Somalia

1st and 2nd September 2016


Two days trainings on human rights empowerment have been conducted with the aim to mobilize social human rights defenders organizations in Mogadishu of Benadir region.Human rights cluster in implementing partnership with UNSOM brought together 30 delegates from the human rights cluster organizations, some important figures of peace and human rights activists who had engaged initiatives to prevent human rights violations occurred in the country through discussions, debates, exchange of ideas and opinions.

This is aimed to initiate emphasizing fundamental human rights for the coming process of election in 2016 and assist free and fair elections to take place through local NGOs and international communities’ involvements for preventing any human rights violations.

Training objective

  • To alert HRDs for being engaged human rights observation work in the election issues.
  • To present and share information related to human rights violations happened in Mogadishu region especially Benadir and should record effectively.
  • To discuss with the suitable way of HRDs participation in the upcoming election in the country.


Day one          

Date of the training   1st September 2016

Time: 08:00am-12:20am


Training outline

  1. Definition of human rights
  2. Fundamental human rights
  3. Controversial human rights
  4.  Identification of existed human violations in Somalia
  5. Examples of violations of economic, social and cultural rights
  6. The universal declaration of Human rights



A volunteer participant had appeared on the stage with recitation of few Koranic verses as a traditional/ceremonial opening, while human rights cluster chair person Mr. Abukar Sheikh Mohamed Nur had shortly briefed the participants about the training objective by indicating the importance of their active participation in promoting overall human rights violation prevention work plans to deal with the coming elections in 2016.

Mr. Abukar asked for their collaboration for contributing all adhere able measurements that could assist them to reduce human rights abuses during the process of upcoming elections in 2016. He finally concluded his speech with appeal for human rights cluster members to widely open their eyes to follow up current human rights situation in the country and justly act positively.





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