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Training on Women Rights in Islam

Training on Women Rights in Islam

The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign started to advocate the 2013 theme From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World: Lets Challenge Militarism and End Violence against Women! The Campaign focuses on three priority areas:

1. Violence Perpetrated by State Actors: State actors use the threat or act of violence to maintain or attain power;

2. Domestic Violence and the Role of Small Arms;

3. Sexual Violence During and After Conflict. Inskoy for Peace and Development Organisation (IPDO) is local NGO based in Mogadishu and has branches in Bay, Bokol, Gedo and Lower-shabelle regions. IPDO was established in 2000 to address the violence against women and children that affected by the war and long lasting drought in Somalia. IPDO main activities include advocacy and lobbying of human rights and violence against women that their rights are abused and not protected after the collapse of military government in 1991.

IPDO is one of the Somali LNGOs that planed to conduct workshop on women rights in Islam since Somali community is Muslim and meet more violence regarding their rights in the Holy Quran. Therefore, to raise the awareness of the participants, IPDO carried out one day workshop on women rights in Islam. The workshop held on 4th December 2013 at Hotel Ambassador, Mogadishu. 30 participants (15 male and 15 female) attended and benefited this occasion. The target beneficiaries were members from civil society organizations, professionals, and students from universities, elders and religious groups. The purpose of the workshop was to introduce the women rights that Allah granted in order to provide these rights and religious groups to support and protect the rights of the women in Islam. 1.1) Objectives of the Workshop The objective of the workshop was:  nTo become familiar with women rights in Islam  To defend the rights of women through protection and awareness raising Opening ceremony Mr. Mohamed Sheikh (Executive Director) greeted and welcomed the participants, facilitator and others. Mr Mohamed stated the objective of the workshop is to understand the women rights in Islam in order to end the violence against women. He pointed out brief description about the 16 days of activism Against Gender-Based Violence Campaign. He stated that this campaign is global and international and local organizations and state governments together stand to disseminating of the thematic issue of year 2013 which is From Peace in the Home to Peace in the World: Lets Challenge Militarism and End Violence against Women! Lack of awareness towards women rights in Islam caused to continue violating the women and being neglect. He thanked them for attending this workshop and hoped to contribute with the support of the religious groups that have more knowledge about women rights. Media Coverage on Womens Rights in Islam Iniskoy for Peace and Development Organization  IPDO has also organized a media coverage that was aimed to raise the awareness of the community on Womens rights especially womens rights in Islam, since Somalia is a country of 100 percent Muslims who believe in Islam religion, in order to get down to the essence of the topic, IPDO had invited: a) Well known religious priests who are well respected among the community b) Some Women parliament members c) Members from the parliamentary human rights commission and d) IPDO programme coordinator as the host organization of this discussion. This event was held at the radio room of Kasmo media Centre which is Female Media one of the most listened FM station in Banadir region as well is located in a safer area where government officers can attend. The selected period of the debate was a peak hour when people are relaxed at home and listen to the media for update.

Listeners were given the chance to ask questions, add their suggestions and comments related to the topic, every question raised by the listeners it was responded with explanations by all parts in the round table. Listening to the questions and comments coming from the public, you can know the level of awareness of the public has increased a lot and add very valuable contributions, comments and questions, however, most of the questions from the listeners was centered towards to the government to take extra measures of stopping the violence against women especially, the Rape that become regular incident at the IDP camps. Government representatives vowed to bring to court and punish whoever is found guilty of rape case and will not tolerate any more.

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