Computer Skills for 80 Women, Girls and Boys

Computer Skills for 80 Women, Girls and Boys

Brief description of the project

Training for women on Basic Computer Skills 70 women, girls and boys empowered with computer literacy. For those graduated from this corse, they had training in both Unlimited Potential Program and Professional Development Workshops.

Computer course were include: Windows, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Internet, Web Design, Multimedia, Blogging, and Typing. Recently, another application, Social Media tools e.g. face book, twitter…etc., and have been added to the above training package.  This was a very intensive training program. The program aims also to  enhance participants IT skills, thus a day, Thursday , was reserved as the groups application day where the trainees are given the opportunity to practice the different courses they just acquired and, later on work on their graduation projects
The sector goal of the project is to contribute to the Government efforts to reduce poverty through human development.

Objective of this course:

The objective of the project is to improve the capacity of the poor to actively participate in broad-based sustainable economic activities in Somalia.


Increased level of functional literacy and numeracy rates in selected districts, the component trained 70 to become local experts in various technologies for income generation.