Iniskoy for Peace and Development Organization -IPDO- was established 2000 by intellectuals from the regions of Bay, Bokol, Gedo, Lower/Middle Shabelle and Benadir Regions. The foundation of this organization was behind by many problems seen in the country and encountered by the civil society of Somalia since the central government collapsed in 1991, soon after the collapse, the country has faced lots of crisis, devastation in any side.

As this result Somalia has missed the rule of law and more than twenty years of destructive civil wars happened those simplified all the people’s prestige and privilege to be fully destroyed and damaged by unkind cruel gunmen those took the control of the country, so IPDO members have agreed the necessity of such organization in the region in order to improve and promote Peace, Human Rights, and Development in Somalia in general and in Bay, Bokol, Gedo, Lower/Middle Shabelle and Benadir Regions in particular.

Iniskoy for Peace and Development Organization (IPDO) works out for the development and improvement of the livelihood of the society that was severely affected by recurrent civil wars, killings, and droughts facing the country due to the semi-usual failure of raining seasons as well as limited opportunities of working, learning, access to healthcare and sanitation. IPDO is collaboration with National and International NGOs, donors in order to get sustainable better working and living conditions as their basic necessities to maintain life while the community will enjoy good taste of freedom of life, speech, work, education, Health care, Sanitation and independence that is why IPDO has been established.